Nutritionist and author

About Me

Peter J S Taylor BSc (Nutritional Medicine)

Educated in East Africa and Loughborough University UK, I followed a career in education and leisure in UK, France and India before studying nutrition (BSc.) under D. Lawerene Plaskett. I created and ran Devon Health Spa in the UK before creating my own nutrition consultancy business.

Wanting to help readers make informed choices about food selection, I wrote my book ‘What’s In My Food?’

“Food is now processed to overcome transport and storage problems and to reduce cost. To achieve these goals the food must be altered. Alteration includes adding sugar, salt, water, flavours, growth hormones, colours, odours, fats, destroying bacteria, heating, microwaving and so on.

The overall result is the creation of foods which contain less nutritional value and in many cases excess salt, fat or sugar which questions the REAL financial saving.”

“By offering us an honest, simple to read, fascinating insight into what really is in our food we can at least understand how a balanced diet can transform our lives and the lives of our children.”