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What’s In My Food?

Do you find the information on food packets confusing, complicated and the print tiny to read?

Do you know how much salt, fat and sugar is safe to eat?

Do you know how much of each vitamin and mineral you should consume?

Do you know which foods contain the most and the least amount of nutrients?

Would you like a really nice, simple colour code to guide you to making accurate choices of foods?

Would you like some really easy, healthy and delicious recipes to support your choices?

‘WHATS IN MY FOOD?’ gives you surprising and accurate information in an easy to read eBook. It answers the above questions and many more. It is concise and simple to understand with photos, diagrams and a colour code based upon average portions. Many myths are shattered, processed food comes under the microscope and the danger of excess dairy and wheat consumption and obesity are discussed.

For anyone who cooks, prepares food or is interested in what they and their children are in fact eating, this book is a must.

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